Water Heater

Water Heater Service

Alamo Plumbing Solutions proudly offers comprehensive Water Heater services to the San Antonio and surrounding South Texas area. We offer a wide selection of quality Water Heater installations including ENERGY STAR models and solar water heaters. 

Water Heater such as a conventional or standard water heater store hot water in its tank. Water heater’s capacity’s can be from 10 gallon to 100 gallons. Conventional water heaters can be in Electric, Gas, and Propane. Ask about our 6 Year Warranty on all parts and labor for conventional water heaters.

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Our Water Heater technicians are trained to install and repair all makes and models of electric, gas, solar, and hybrid water heaters, and we will happily take over the maintenance of your Water Heater, even if we didn’t install it for you. Call us any time to ask about the water heaters that we install and service we offer. Remember, we offer 24–7 call services, so call now if your hot water heater has stopped working.

Often overlooked is the fact that your hot water supply is used quit a bit in a home where laundry, dishes washing, showering, coffee making, watering the lawn and even keeping the pool filled with water. And it should be when you have chosen the correct size of Water Heater for the size of your home and every member living in it. Alamo Plumbing Solutions is more than willing to sit with you and go over the details that will help you select the right water heater for your new or newly renovated home.